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Product descriptions

We create compelling product descriptions which increase sales.


Professional product descriptions

We offer unique product descriptions for online shops like yours.

Attractive content is basis to stand out from your competition and to increase sales in your online shop.

Thanks to them, you will promote your products and convince potential clients to make purchases on your website.

Order product descriptions

What is included in the offer

Product descriptions

Creative content

We effectively attract attention of recipients.

Language of benefits

We use sales techniques with proven success.

SEO structure

We create product descriptions in accordance with current positioning tactics.

Content for foreign markets

Product descriptions in 50+ languages

Our team consists of many copywriters, so we can create content in various languages, including:







When is it worth ordering

Product descriptions

Order product descriptions whenever you want to improve presentation of the offer in your online shop.

It is also worth focusing on if you want to position your website on Google.

What is more, professional content writing is a way to impact on recipients through marketing, which comprehensively improves brand promotion on the Internet.

Product descriptions - benefits

Boost your website visibility

Increase website traffic for your online shop.

Increase sales

Increase the effectiveness of your offer.

Image building

Present your brand to a group of potential recipients.


SEO product descriptions significantly support the visibility of your website.

Thanks to them, your assortment appears higher in the search engine, which allows you to present your offer to more recipients and clients.

Online shop which position your website on Google can help you achieve a stable growth of customers, as well as number of purchases increase. Moreover, it reduces advertising expenses as it reaches audience for free.


Product descriptions play a key role in convincing recipients to buy your products.

They are a primary source of information, which outline benefits of transaction.

For this reason, appropriate content increases business potential of an offer and increase sales effectiveness. Product descriptions do not only generate website traffic, but also allow you to make better use of them.

Image building

Online shop builds credibility and gain customer trust, but only if it describes your assortment in detail.

In addition, higher Google positions contribute to improve your brand recognition, which results in greater interest in your offer.

Product descriptions improve business results of an online shop as well. They do it in several ways, so they surely are an effective marketing tool.

Creative content

Product descriptions – various industries

We create content for online shops from the following industries and many others:





Household appliances



How do we create product descriptions?

Our cooperation require three simple steps



Place an order for product descriptions and give us your guidelines.



Our copywriters fulfill your order.



We send the finished content to your email adress.

What distinguishes our services


We have created thousands of different descriptions.

Fast order fulfillment

We are a team of professional copywriters.

Constant contact

We provide efficient communication.


Product descriptions – questions and answers

We dispel all doubts related to our services.

What are product descriptions?

Product descriptions are content that presents store’s assortment to recipients.

Key phrases and keywords are their inseparable elements and an attractive form which encourages users to buy your products at the same time. In this way, the content effectively increases the positioning of your website and sales.

How long are product descriptions?

Text lenght depends on the specificity of the offer and product page layout.

It is assumed that short descriptions contain 500 characters with spaces. Although, in case of larger online shops product descriptions may have even 3,000 characters with spaces. Theoretically, the longer the content, the greater the potential for gaining higher position in Google. However, you need to remember that the comfort of the recipient is a priority.

Will you add product decription to my website?

Of course, we can implement created content directly into your online shop.

For this purpose, please let us know while placing your order. We will need access to the CMS sufficiently to allow product card editing.

How much does a product description cost?

Price for the product description depends on its lenght and the scope of our services.

Approximate amounts of our services are presented in the price list.

How to order descriptions?

Please use our Content Marketing + Platform, then present your guidelines and order content.

Where do you provide your services?

We operate throughout the United States of America, including Chicago, San Antonio, Jacksonville, Memphis, Boston and many more.

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